Monday, 14 December 2009

Cant believe 3 months has gone!

Where all that time been, since I last post.. Its had be very busying for last 3 months. Where can i start, 3 months ago my parent and nan bought me Brother Innovis 750E for my birthday along with PE Design 8 software, i been having lots of fun with it, and still learning how to use the software, and designing my own design. Made different embroidery flower onto Dresses and Skirt to sell..

Brother Innovis 750E & PE Design 8 software

Through 3 months i have been 3 - 4 christmas craft fairs in different local, and these all the picture that i've been selling....

Dotty button cover for hair clip, made different type of dotty. My next plan going to be embroidery on the button etc.

This what i have been telling you about in the first post on this blog.
Welcome to Bumble bees and Bubble Babies theme, its print on Baby gros, Sleep suit, Burp cloths, Mitts, Booties, hat, wrap vest, Sleeveless vest, baby bib and baby bag. There are 7 designs of bubble babies and bumble bees, will be showing on the new website after new year.
Its very popular at the moment.

Mitts - Bumble Bees
Booties - Bumble Bees
Babygro - Bubble Babies

This i have started making dresses and skirt month ago, and its sell really well.
As you see the embroidery i did on the skirt on my new machine, there more in Flickr on the right side, more images of ruffle skirt and dresses..

Anyway I have made new year Resolutions for 2010 for my childrenswear

Here the listing what I am planning for 2010
  • Set up website
  • Start doing Screen Printing
  • Apply for Craft fair member
  • Copyright
  • Set up Etsy etc
  • Make many dresses, and ideas
  • Keep Updating this blog
  • Booked for Sandringham fair in december 2010 and any craft fairs coming up
Just to say....

See you after new year with a new plans....

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Mand8690 said...

hey baby im so glad i found you. i had to put your name in google!!! how are you??? im so proud of you babe and i miss u like mad!!!! please email me, im so sorry we lost touch xxxxxxxx