Thursday, 4 March 2010

...Hopeless Blogger Am i?...

Gosh, its been long since christmas, cant believe its March already...

I have some new that me and Mr Cosson (My fiance) are planning get married in 2011, that why i have been trying get ideas, wedding planning and even make another blog about our planning and life and DIY.. here the blog so you can check it out Becoming Mrs Presnell-Cosson. Leaving my childrenwear behind and now I am leaving wedding planning behind until May when we go to fuerteventura to booked our wedding for next year, but i will try keep blogging both of them..

What I have done so far.. I did promise that I will set up my own website, that have been delayed due wedding planning, and trying find good site make your own website, and photoshoot..

Since the last post that I post..

Anyway I have made new year Resolutions for 2010 for my childrenswear
Here the listing what I am planning for 2010

  • Set up website
  • Start doing Screen Printing
  • Apply for Craft fair member
  • Copyright
  • Set up Etsy etc .
  • Make many dresses, and ideas
  • Keep Updating this blog
Booked for Sandringham fair in december 2010 and any craft fairs coming up

...Updating Lists...

Set up website
I am trying find a good websites.. Which hopeful will be finish in April. I am still waiting for someone to tell me which is good website to look, and there two websites I looking at the moment which is...
Daily - Website
Webs - Free

Start doing Screen Printing
Not yet have done, But last year I found this company to do Limited Digital Print from America call Spoonflower Spoonflower - Digital Print. I have been order one yard last year for my bubble babies, its came out brillaint, and the price just right. I made lot of profit out of one yard. Last week I made another order which come to later post with pictures.

I have done the Digital Print at University For my final major project in final year, will come to later post about Digital print...

Apply for Craft fair member
Not yet apply to it, will going to once my website up and going.

Be Researching, and found different one, its not really my job to sort that, on my behalf my sister will be helpingh me..

Set up Etsy etc
Have been set up, not yet putting thing in.

Make many dresses, and ideas
I have made 10 dresses in aged of 1-2years.. and i am trying not to put whole lining inside the dress, so i just put lining on the scrap shouder, to arm hole.. its work really good, and more flowing..
Next i am trying to do the bigger size, but needed to know how to make the size bigger because i only got age of 1 -2 pattern.. hopefully will find the information how to make the next size bigger.
Keep Updating this blog
I am trying to keep this update..

That all i have been doing, keep updating what happen in last few week. and now i am trying to get things sorting for the next craft fairs in April.

Last week i have been order through Bay of E (Bay of E)


I recieved it other day, its really good! that would stop people to touch with their dirty hand.
Which i am hoping to put my bubble babies and bumble bee baby clothes like baby gro, Sleepsuit ect. and will design band of paper of my logo and size and prices at the bottom, to wrap the gro etc.

Same time i recieved what i got above, and this really good size to keep Dresses clean, other clothes and away from dirt.
Plus its probably useful for knitting jumper what my mum made.

Anyway that it for now.. Will post about Spoonflower and my designs later on.

Eliza xx