Monday, 7 September 2009

First Post!!!

This my First new post....
I have sign up the blogger for aged, havent got round to post anythings.. its my bad! but i have been reseached of different designers blog, to see what they got to say.. I am huge fan of Knitting up north and Ink and Spindle and other.... In last few months, me and my partner move in our first house together, and finally got my own studio so i can put everything in there, this mac computers, sewing machine, overlocker.. etc etc etc so i can do my baby/childrenswear, and screenprinting etc.. But i havent set up the screenprinting kits i bought last feb.. I promise myself i will do this ASAP..

Ive been craft fair over the weekend sell Babyswear and dresses in Wilburton near my parent villiage, i went along with mum, so she can sell her things.. my things, we share table..

Thats me! I am trying to get photos with all babyswear.. will explain what printing on the Baby gros, sleepsuit, bibs, Burp clothes, Booties, Mitts and hats! etc etc later on. once i have sort out the images..

Thats me on left, mum on right...

Another picture of the dresses. My mum do knitting of Mohair jacket for children, Sell quite well... We have sell lots thats good thing..

About me, graduated 3/4 years ago fashion and textile (BA hons), haven't got into all this designing, went get myself job as Wedding company to get money toward all this i have done.. and i am profoundly deaf speaking oral person. there nothing to be scared..

Oh well i have to stop here now, and learn how to use this blogger!! Cant wait!!

See ya dolls!!